PACKING CHECK LIST: Robe/slippers, binoculars, water bottle, hiking boots, river shoes, long sleeves and pants, bathing suit, insect repellant, sunblock, extra phone chargers, extra ice

All the Honey House Homes have been meticulously curated to be turnkey getaway spots where people and dogs can come to move at slower pace and connect with each other and nature. You will find your cabin has all the necessities and then some - but planning ahead is crucial. When planning your trip, make certain to always check the weather and please give thought to your mode of transport and bring the right gear.

Please give a read to the House Rules before your arrival.

Remember: Nature is in charge out here. If you're coming t West Virginia, please remember that snow, ice, wildlife all must be taken seriously. We cannot advise enough when traveling here in the winter to travel with a 4-wheel drive vehicle.